What is an OM in Commercial Real Estate?

People who have been in the commercial real estate business for any length of time have heard of an Offering Memorandum (OM). While marketing flyers and brochures are publicly distributed to the general investment community, a good commercial real estate OM is used to generate interest from the most qualified prospective investors and bring them to the deal table.

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What Will Office Space Look Like in 2021?

The pandemic is likely to have a lasting effect on the office market.
It’s possible that working from home may become the new normal for some businesses. However, many office users are learning that virtual meetings simply don’t provide the same opportunities to collaborate, nurture creativity, and attract the skilled employees businesses need to succeed.

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What Makes An Office Market Great?

Although many office markets in the U.S. have felt the bite of the pandemic, others are doing relatively well. For the country as a whole, asking rents for office space and rent growth are on the rise, despite increasing vacancy rates and negative net absorption.

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