Florida’s office market bounces back from Covid storm

Offices emptied out during the pandemic. Now, they’re filling back up again, and Florida has one of the nation’s healthiest office markets. Central business districts in Miami and West Palm Beach are experiencing building booms, while the CBDs of Tampa and St. Petersburg are showing robust occupancy and rent growth.

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What is a Letter of Intent in Commercial Real Estate

As more investors look to add commercial real estate to their portfolios, demand for commercial property has risen to new heights. Many prospective investors will look at dozens, even hundreds, of properties before making an offer to purchase. Before they do so, however, most will submit what’s known as a “letter of intent” – or LOI – as a precursor to a more formal, binding agreement with the seller or landlord.

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A Tale of Two Office Worlds

My good friend and guest today, Larry Feldman, has over 30 years experience owning and operating major downtown office buildings. He has seen and survived multiple severe economic downturns.

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What is Cap Rate Compression?

Cap rates can be an incredibly valuable tool for investors looking to establish a property’s value. The cap rate, expressed as a percentage, is calculated by dividing the property’s net operating income by its purchase price. The resulting percentage generally ranges anywhere from 3 percent to 15 percent or more.

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