Feldman Equities Turns to High-Tech Solutions to Create Cleaner Workspaces Amidst Pandemic

Morgan Stanley Tower, Downtown St Petersburg, FL

Some companies are turning to high-tech solutions to create cleaner workspaces. Feldman Equities has installed nano septic elevator buttons with crystalline covers that are essentially “self cleaning” in its buildings, said vice president Mack Feldman.

The company also is trying out ultraviolet lighting that kills microbes and plans to incorporate ionization systems after testing in common areas and “individual tenant spaces.” The systems would be installed in buildings’ heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment and electrify the air, killing mold, microbes and small insects. The company is also looking at using dry hydrogen peroxide gas, which is harmless to people in small amounts.

“We’re trying to figure out what works,” Feldman said.

The company also has leaned heavily on easy-to-implement, common measures such as giving out masks, limiting capacity in elevators, displaying markers to show six feet of distance and encouraging social distancing. Feldman said the company’s property management team has helped lead efforts to create safer office spaces during the pandemic.

“They’ve done a really tremendous job,” he said.

Read the full article in The Tampa Bay Times

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