What is the Investment Philosophy of Feldman Equities

By: Jonathan Schneider

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Jonathan Schneider: Up until recently, the investment philosophy for Feldman Equities has been, “Go out to the market and find a good deal that we could find institutional money for; raise that money; find the best debt possible; then, acquire that asset.” Now, that has changed in the recent times, and it went from what I just described to more of a crowdfunding-oriented investment.

Feldman, as a sponsor, differentiates itself by not necessarily the amount of deals that it brings to its outside investors, but by the quality of the deals. What I mean by that is, with the research I’ve done, a lot of sponsors focus on upfront fees; whereas we really focus on the long-term viability of the deal and keeping our investors in new deals with us, as we bring new deals to the market.

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