Reasons why investors choose Feldman Equities #2

By: Larry Feldman

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Larry Feldman: We are re-inventors of the office building, and we’re specialists only in doing that. We’re not doing a lot of different things. We’re sharpshooters, also, in our local market, here in Tampa Bay. We’re not trying to be a master of 100 different markets, or 100 different product types. We’re focused strictly on office buildings, strictly on Tampa Bay. We’re about as sharp a sharpshooter as you can get, given the focus.

I would say this concept of reinventing the office building is something that is throughout our company culture. It starts with our head of development, Santiago Bartolome, who is the mad man from Barcelona. He comes up with these incredibly creative concepts to reinvent every building that we own, to make them different. to make them appeal to millennial.

When you invest with us, you’re not just investing with a cookie-cutter real estate company that’s trying to grind out the same product that 100 other guys are grinding out. As a result of that differentiation, we have historically outperformed our competitors with both rental rates, and occupancy because we do these creative renovations to every building that we own.

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