Reasons why investors choose Feldman Equities #1

By: Larry Feldman

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Larry Feldman: First of all, there are a lot of real estate developer entities, or real estate entities that are really financially oriented organizations. You’ll see many organizations where the CEO is an ex-Goldman Sachs guy, or an ex-Morgan Stanley guy, and they think of real estate like pork bellies, or Google stock.

We are guys that are vertically integrated. We get our hands dirty with construction. We know property management. We deal with emptying the overflowing toilet bowls on the eighth floor. We are vertically integrated. We have our own leasing department. We have our own construction department; our own property management capability. Whereas, there are a lot of folks that are on crowdfunding sites that are just financial people pretending to be real estate people. So, first and foremost is that we are hands-on real estate people.

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