Institutional Investors vs Private Investors

By: Jonathan Schneider

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Jonathan Schneider: An institutional investor was someone like New York Life, or a public REIT, or any big, big player that has a large net worth, and it could either be a single investor, or an entity. That’s what I mean by institutional. Whereas, now, we’re focusing more on your single investor, like a doctor, or a lawyer that doesn’t have $20 million that he wants to invest, but perhaps he wants to invest $10,000, $25,000, $100,000.

Up until now, they didn’t even know that commercial real estate existed. They would drive by these humongous buildings and just look at it, and say, “Well, that’s an office building. I’m sure someone like Bank of America owns it,” or something like that. Whereas, what we’re really trying to do here, with Feldman Equities, is tell the investor there’s a possibility now, whereas before, they didn’t even know it existed, essentially.

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