How would investors describe their experience working with Feldman Equities

By: Larry Feldman

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Larry Feldman: If I would try to put words in the mouth of one of our investors who’s had significant experience in investing with us, what do I think they would say? Well, they would say, of course, I’m a very handsome, and magnanimous gentleman … No. I think what they would say is, “Larry and his team are hands-on, very focused real estate guys that pay attention to detail; that are very responsive to their investors; that treat their investors well.”

We do believe that, at the end of the day, the owners of the company are the investors, and we try never to forget that. When an investor invests with me, my mentality is I am that investor’s servant. How can I serve you better as an investor? I hope that that culture in our company has come through.

I believe it has because we have relationships, now, of investors that go back as many as 20 years. I have one investor that’s invested with me so many times, I can’t even count it. Here in Tampa Bay, we have an investor that’s done maybe $200 or $300 million dollars in deals, through six, or seven, or eight different transactions. So, I suppose that’s the best proof.

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