How does the Culture of Feldman Equities Increase Profits for Investors

By: Larry Feldman

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Larry Feldman: We have a proprietary method of marketing that is different and unique in the market, and that is that we market through real estate brokers. I like to say that, through the fact that we pay them more, we pay them faster, and we treat them like valued customers, that I have, effectively, about 100 to 150 loyal salespeople that love doing business with me, who bring me all kinds of business, and I don’t pay a nickel in payroll. I pay them strictly on production. It’s a great symbiotic relationship that we’ve created, and it’s unique in the industry because most developers look at brokers sort of as a necessary evil. We love our brokers, and they bring us business …

The interesting thing that you’ve observed, and I actually hadn’t even thought about it, is that by treating them so well, they actually feel that, and they communicate that to their prospective office tenants that they bring to us, and say, “Hey, this is a pretty good landlord. They’ve got a great reputation. I think you should do business with them.”

The results are that we have consistently outperformed our competitors. Our portfolio, right now, is about 95-96 percent, across the board. That outperforms the overall market, and we’ve consistently done that over the last 10 years, here in Tampa Bay.

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