For a Decade, Tampa Bay’s Commercial Real Estate has Focused on Experiential, Social Properties. How Will Coronavirus Change That?

Larry Feldman, CEO of Feldman Equities in Tampa, said he thinks the two dynamics — more square footage per employee, but less aggregate space as more workers spend part of their time at home or another remote location — could offset each other.

“Obviously we survive on the occupancy of office buildings, but I think there will be adjustments to the size that people take,” Feldman said, “which could counterbalance some of the decisions people make to move home.”  Read the article in the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

For a decade, Tampa Bay's commercial real estate has focused on experiential, social properties. How will coronavirus change that? - Tampa Bay Business Journal

Even sectors of commercial property previously unchallenged by the internet - like the office market - will likely see long-term effects of the coronavirus pandemic, Tampa Bay's real estate experts say.

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