Real estate investors can get a stake in Feldman’s First Central Tower in downtown St. Pete

The St Pete Catalyst has reported on Feldman Equities’ latest real estate investment opportunity. The company is recapitalizing First Central Tower, a high-rise office building at 360 Central Ave.

The recapitalization opens opportunities for real estate investors to get an ownership stake in the property. It is one of just four Class A office buildings in downtown St. Petersburg, where top-quality office space is very tight.

“We’ve had this recapitalization planned for about a year and we’re very excited to go live,” Mack Feldman, vice president at Feldman Equities, told the St. Pete Catalyst. “A longtime partner is transitioning to a focus on industrial assets and asked us to look at options for buying them out. We were able to secure a price discount after COVID, and given the building’s stable lease profile, realized it would be an attractive investment alternative to endless stock market volatility. So far we’ve received more interest on this raise than any other project we’ve marketed, so we’re hopeful we oversubscribe pretty quickly.”

First Central Tower recently underwent a multi-million dollar renovation and is 95 percent leased with high-credit tenants, according to CrowdStreet, an online crowdfunding platform. Feldman Equities is partnering with CrowdStreet on the deal, and investors also can invest directly through the Feldman Equities website.

“We call this our ‘white label’ and it could become an important part of Feldman Equities’ future growth. We leverage CrowdStreet’s existing software so investors have a consistent experience no matter where they decide to invest. It also allows us to manage all of our investors from the same dashboard,” Feldman said.

The minimum investment is $25,000 and the offering is only available to accredited investors, generally people with earned income that exceeds $200,000 (or $300,000 together with a spouse) or with a net worth over $1 million.

Feldman Equities, one of the larger property owners in St. Petersburg, has crowdfunded other properties recently, including the Morgan Stanley Tower at 150 2nd Ave. N. and Castille at Carillon, two Class A office buildings in Carillon Office Park.

For First Central Tower, Feldman Equities is estimating a 15 percent internal rate of return for investors, and an equity multiple of 1.9 percent. The equity multiple is the ratio of investment returns to paid-in capital.

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